My Classes

You are not alone“I love her commitment to getting women to see and feel love for themselves, to look in a mirror and recognize their value. To offset the negative comments and societal pressures to act or look or live a certain way Beth offers on-line self love classes that really allow participants to look within themselves and see their beauty and worth and start each and every day with a battle cry to their inate awesomeness. Take the class, you will not regret it!” -Karen Kormelink


Online self love classes are more than just women’s empowerment classes. They offer a safe space for women who are looking to take charge of their own lives, learn how to set boundaries, and be aware of their own self worth.

Take the time to learn the tools you need to abolish negative self talk, cast off societal restrictions, and give yourself the love and respect that you deserve.

In Self Love One, we explore fear and self doubt, dealing with toxic people, setting boundaries, coping strategies for the old tapes we can’t quite stop playing, and practical ways to put self love into practice.

Self Love Two is a deeper exploration into self awareness which ultimately leads to our own radical acceptance and worthiness.

Each six week course consists of a weekly live class and optional homework assignments. Facebook users also receive access to the online self love support group where all past participants gather to encourage and support each other.

Many of my past participants have reported life changing feelings about these classes. It is amazing what women can accomplish once they absorb and believe in the radical idea that they deserve to know that they are enough.

A certified life coach, I have been giving online and in person self-love workshops since 2012. Please join me and change your life today.

Please contact me at for further information.


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