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Capture Yvonne helping people move

Yvonne helping with a move


Yvonne Lefave, owner of Go Green Trikes (Lansing’s only pedal-powered delivery and lawn care service) and the Eastside Gateway suffered a terrible loss in the wee hours of Sunday, February 3, 2019. A fire blazed through the Eastside Gateway, destroying all of Go Green Trikes bicycles and equipment as well as the inventory for a dozen local craft vendors. Yvonne lost a friend, two businesses, and her livelihood.

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Yvonne is a tireless volunteer for the #lovelansing community, a small business owner and employer, as well as a part of the team at Old Town General Store. She gives so much to so many people and organizations in this city. She’s lived in Lansing for 30 years and is committed to rebuilding and reinvesting in our community.

Capture Yvonne watering in Old Town

Watering the hanging plants in Old Town

Until things are sorted with insurance and the necessary investigation by the fire department, we are asking our community to come together to invest in Yvonne’s renewal and recovery. All funds will be used to cover bills and provide the seed money to get both businesses back up and running.

Yvonne doesn’t ask for things for herself. When we reached out to her, she was already trying to figure out how to cover the lost wages for her employees and how to get the royalties to the vendors. She is a selfless leader in the community, not just in words, but in her tireless efforts to bolster everyone. Now we want to come together to help her through this time of grief and sorrow.

How Can I Help?

You can make paypal donations directly to Yvonne at  her paypal account  This donation will go directly to Yvonne herself. The organizers wanted her to be able to choose where the funds go. If you prefer to mail a check, please do so to Go Green Trikes  PO Box 10095, Lansing 48901. If you prefer to drop off cash, please contact either Beth or Lysne and we will collect it and get it to her. If you are having a fundraiser, please let us know and we will share the event with our networks.

You can also  get on the list of people who want to offer physical help – cleaning when it comes time to do so, hauling supplies, marketing, and more, please sign up

If you have any questions or would like to know other ways to help, please reach out to Beth Burnett or Lysne Beckwith Tait at

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Yvonne with the fleet

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