Beth Burnett


When my wife and I first moved to British Columbia, I was in bad shape physically. I could barely make it around the block, let alone do any hiking. The first time we walked out on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (a couple blocks from our home), I looked at the opening of the old …

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Guest Blog on Women and Words

What happens when the illustrious, if slightly strange Andi Marquette invites me to guest blog on Women and Words? I say yes, of course. Check it out. It’s about my very soon to be released newest novel, “The Love Sucks Club.”


the love sucks club

March 28, 2014

Two things happened in the past couple of days that have led to this blog. First, a friend of mine wrote to me, “I love how you carry yourself. The way you walk and dance and play, you move like you own your body. I think so many of us (women) are enslaved by our …

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So, I’m back at the day job. I have to admit, when I left last fall, I didn’t think I would be back. I think I kind of halfway expected that I would be a famous novelist, living in a quaint and cozy (but fully insulated and close to cool things like meditation groups, thrift …

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Don Miguel Ruiz, in one of his Four Agreements, wrote, “Don’t take it personally.” ┬áThis is a variation on a standard theme within spirituality circles and frankly, I’ve had quite a problem with it. When you get into a situation where someone is abusing you, or calling you names, or bullying a child, how do …

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