Beth Burnett may not like to wear pants, but she wears an awful lot of hats. The Director of Education for the Golden Crown Literary Society, Beth also teaches ENG-111 for Johnston Community College, Advanced Studies in Literature for Southern New Hampshire University, and craft of writing for the GCLS writing academy.  Addicted to education, Beth is a few months away from her second Masters, this time in Marketing and New Media, and she’ll be starting a PhD program in the fall. (She figures if she lives to be 185, she’ll pay off all the student loans.) In addition to her penchant for education,  Beth is a writer with six published books (one under her pen name, E.A. Van Stralen) and stories in several recent anthologies. In her spare time, she sleeps in thirteen-minute increments, walks her geriatric dog, and has video cooking dates with her long-distance wife.

You can reach her on Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon by looking here.


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