Beth Burnett


Beth Burnett may not like to wear pants, but she wears an awful lot of hats. The Director of Education for the Golden Crown Literary Society, Beth also teaches ENG-111 for Johnston Community College, Advanced Studies in Literature for Southern New Hampshire University, and craft of writing for the GCLS writing academy.  Addicted to education, Beth is a few months away from her second Masters, this time in Marketing and New Media, and she’ll be starting a PhD program in the fall. (She figures if she lives to be 185, she’ll pay off all the student loans.) In addition to her penchant for education,  Beth is a writer with six published books (one under her pen name, E.A. Van Stralen) and stories in several recent anthologies. Beth recently completed her official Canadian immigration process and is moving to British Columbia with her wife.

You can reach her on Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon by looking here.


7 thoughts on “Myself

  1. Fabulous Mommy says:

    Hi from one Beth to another. Glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. It’s great to find you on WordPress. I never got why people enjoyed blogging until I moved to WordPress. There is great stuff here, yours especially!

  3. LClark says:

    Great to find you here on WordPress!

    1. bethsnewlife says:

      Thank you! I am not nearly as diligent about blogging as I could be. 🙂

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