Happy Love Day

Today is the 12th anniversary of the day I got my beloved dog, Brutal Brutus the Destroyer, aka Brutie, from the St. Croix Animal Shelter. Brutie old man


He was the world’s most adorable puppy, but he is an even handsomer old man. Happy love day, Brutie. I hope we have twelve more. ❤Brutie as a baby


Thank you for reading! In honor of Brutie’s love day, one random commenter on today’s blog will receive a free paper copy of my fourth novel, Eating Life.

22 thoughts on “Happy Love Day

  1. What a handsome fella, and now he smiles! He is fortunate, and looks thankful he found you. Today is Sasha’s Love day too. She is two years old. Happy love day from Sasha, Mercedes, and Andrea! ❤

  2. I love stories about animals changing people’s life. My best friend was really good at adopting strays and putting strays together. Thank you for sharing. You are so good at touching people”s heart and soul…

  3. Brutie is a distinguished gentleman, I love white faced older dogs. My Beagle, Magnus, is also a white faced old man dog…. But he barks for no reason and poops on the deck if it’s raining. Happy love day Beth and Brutie!

  4. This is a random comment. It’s so random, it’s the most random random thing I’ve ever posted. It’s the best random post you’ll ever read.

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