Finnian Burnett


“Man Enough” hit the top ten again. After bouncing back to number 21, it has come back to it’s place at number eight. Watching the Amazon list of top lesbian fiction is not a good thing. I tell myself every day to just stay away and not look at it. I just need to look at how many books I’ve sold and leave it at that. Oh, did I sell a few more today than yesterday? I did? Good, no need to go look at the list.

Of course, I can tell myself that a million times, but I still head right over there to check it out. I have very little impulse control. That’s why I have a pair of bright orange tennis shoes and more books on my Kindle than I can reasonably read in a lifetime. I can’t help it. I check it several times a day. I get excited when it moves up. When it moves down, I say, “That’s ok… we can come back.”

The crazy thing is that I love my little book and it really doesn’t matter where it is in the ratings. I’m like a mom who loves her kid, regardless of whether or not she makes straight As. It’s just that there is this tiny little part of me that thinks, “Well, wouldn’t it be cool to be number one? Just for a minute? Just for once?” And then I start wondering how long it can last, hence the obsessive checking. It’s a viscous cycle.

At any rate, my baby is in the top ten again and I think a lot of it has to do with the far reaching effects of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Womyn have been posting about my book on their pages. They’ve recommended it to their friends. Their friends are buying it. I’ve gotten emails from people who love it and tell me they made their hairdresser, or their masseuse, or their mom buy it. It’s amazing. The word of mouth is spreading and so is the love.

So, my thanks to everyone who has bought this book. Thank you to everyone who has posted it. Thank you to everyone who has recommended it to a friend. You have my unimaginable gratitude. And in return, I’ll try to stop being so obsessive about the charts. Oh, wait… one more look.

One thought on “The Roller Coaster of the Top Ten

  1. suchalesbian says:

    Struggling writer’s question…
    How’d you pitch your book concept/get published?

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