Finnian Burnett


I spent an incredible evening last night watching my little novel go up, up, up the charts on Amazon. At one point, I was at number 8 on the Amazon list of lesbian fiction. 8! Me? Oh, I so wanted it to go to number one, but still, to be in the top ten was Ah-may-zing! I felt as if the whole world was watching with me, as all of my Facebook friends kept chiming in about it all night.

I think a great deal of the upward swing had to do with the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. I saw posts all over some of my new friends pages, with comments from *their* friends saying that they loved the book, that is was wonderful, that they couldn’t wait to see what I was doing next. It was quite heady.

And of course, once a book hits the top ten, it feeds itself because of the people who just browse the top ten looking for new fiction.

The thing with “Man Enough” is that it isn’t *truly* lesbian fiction. And it isn’t truly transgender fiction, either. It crosses gender and orientation lines. I’ve had a straight male church deacon write a stellar review about my novel. I’ve had leather dykes and transsexuals tell me how much they loved it. I’ve had straight women telling me that they are now in love with Andy, my hot butch lesbian character. The thing about “Man Enough” is that it is thought-provoking without being over-bearing. I am not telling anyone what to think. I’m merely showing them a large cast of characters who are all very real people, with real feelings and letting the audience make their own decisions.

Fortunately, the decision I seem to be hearing most of all is that people are people regardless of orientation, gender, sex, age, or whatever.

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