Finnian Burnett


A transsexual character, a couple of lesbians, a gay wedding, and some girl on girl kissing does not make for “adult content.” I was told today by a person who shall remain nameless that my book should have a warning that it is adult content. Given that anyone under the age of about 15 is probably not looking in the adult fiction/lesbian romantic comedy section, I cannot believe that my book should be listed with a warning more explicit than the other chick lit that I have read. This isn’t a 50 Shades of Gray. It isn’t even a Breaking Dawn. This is a romantic comedy about a group of friends, most of whom happen to fall outside of the gender and orientation “norm” of society. So how exactly does that make it “adult content?”

Not the sex scene. The only sex scene in which only one person gets off anyway… no, this person was bothered by the fact that my transsexual character is not tortured. Apparently, a happy, handsome, charming, intelligent trans man is reason for concern.

My response? Fuck off. I want my characters to have happy endings, just as I want my readers to have happy endings. If there is a transgender person reading my book who thinks, “Wow, it does get better,” then I have done exactly what I set out to do when I started this book. If a teenage queer reads about the well-balanced gay people and takes it to heart, that is a good thing. That’s a GREAT THING.

So, adult content, my ass.

2 thoughts on “Adult Content?

  1. Now you need to write a trilogy or something.

    1. bethsnewlife says:

      Working on it. Only this time, I’ll have a veritable circus of transgender and gay people and they will all dance around naked flaunting their adult content. 🙂

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