Finnian Burnett


My novel seems to be taking off a bit. I have already seen two reviews from people I don’t know on Amazon and they were both quite good. I forwarded one to my editor, since it specifically mentions the editing. (Which WAS phenomenal, by the way… wish I could get her to edit all of my blog posts, too!)

My goal is really to sell about a thousand copies which will pay for me to publish it in paperback form. That’s what I want… my novel, in print, sitting on my shelf. Of course, I will be thrilled if I sell a lot more than that and can afford to quit my job and work on my second novel full time, but I am make my goals small and obtainable. I have been working out some marketing strategies and I think I have a few good ideas. I am going to post a flier at the libraries around here, and ask the LGBT community center to post one for me.

I am having the hardest time categorizing my novel, because while it is mostly lesbian, the bulk of the people who have read it and loved it so far as straight women. There is a lovable transsexual in it. There is a long-term, solid, gay male couple. There is some situational bisexuality and a gay wedding.

My tag line should have been “Lesbians, transsexuals, vegetarians, and pot-smoking moms, oh my!” But in truth, the novel really is, as one reviewer put it, “sweet and endearing.” It is a love story. And I do love it. Going back and rereading it after all of these long months of writing, editing, and publishing, I find that I really do love my characters. They are good people. Sometimes they do stupid shit. Just like me. 🙂

I hope you check it out. I would love to hear your opinions.

Available on Amazon right now, and Barnes and Noble soon.

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