Finnian Burnett


Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I’m still a vegetarian. I’m still fighting to be fully vegan. But between work, school, and life lately, it seems I haven’t a spare moment. This may be because I have been absolutely obsessed lately with my novel, “Man Enough” by Beth Burnett. Yes, I wrote a novel. And I published it and it is available on Amazon for Kindle, Kindle for smartphones, or Kindle for the PC. I intend to have it up and running on Nook pretty soon. Wow.

So this has been taking over a large part of my mind… Between harassing my friends to buy it, emailing everyone I know, and trying to figure out where to market it, I have been busy. It is a good novel. It’s “Sweet and Endearing” as one reviewer called it. Yes, I read the review, yes, I grinned like a fiend over it, and yes, I read it out loud to my mother. Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Still, there it is. One more thing on my long list of things I want to do. Next up, stand up paddle boarding! 🙂

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