Finnian Burnett


I had a weird moment the other day. My mother and I were taking one of our many walks and as we came around a corner, we saw a big brown wild rabbit sitting next to some bushes. We stopped in our tracks and for a few moments, we just stared at him. He stared back at us. His eyes were so big and so beautiful. On the way home, I thought, “I once ate rabbit.” I literally felt sick to my stomach at the idea. And it occurred to me that if eating rabbit makes me sick, why shouldn’t eating chicken do the same? What about cow? Why should a pig have to die so I can eat something that has been proven to clog arteries, contribute to obesity, and a myriad of other health problems?

There are a lot of reasons that people give in order to justify eating meat. We need the protein. Actually, no. You can get enough protein in your life just by varying the other foods you eat. There is protein in broccoli. There’s protein in brown rice. There’s protein in peanut butter and nuts.

It is more expensive to eat healthy. Trust me, I used to be the most vocal supporter of this excuse. But I work in a grocery store now and I see the difference between the people with meat in their carts and the people who are buying a cart full of fresh produce, bags or cans of beans, whole grains, and almond milk. Yes, almond milk is more expensive than regular milk. But taken as a whole, that cart full of healthy stuff is hugely less expensive than the cart with the meat in it.

It takes too much time to eat vegetarian or vegan. I have to give them this one. It will be way more time consuming in the beginning as I try to learn how to create a full, well-balanced menu plan without meat. I’m thinking of going vegan, too, which is even more difficult. But I believe it will only be time consuming in the beginning. Like anything else, it is a growth process, and once I feel comfortable with the concept, I don’t think I will find it any more time consuming at all.

I’ve decided that this week, I am going to just simplify my goal by not eating any meat. If that means I have to eat salad three times a day because I haven’t figured out what else to do, that’s fine. I’ll work on balancing it out as I do more research and figure out what the hell I’m doing.

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